Prefix Worksheets

Prefix Worksheets have an important role in word study. Prefixes as we know are composed of two or more letters ...
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characte- analysis

Character Analysis Worksheets

In fictional text, the character moves the story forward. Character Analysis Worksheets help students take notes on how the character ...
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word study activities

Word Study Activities

Word study activities are an important component of any literacy program. I use word study as part of my middle ...
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Academic Conversations – 7 Strategies

For many years, I asked comprehension questions from the text and called on students to answer. The problem with that ...
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Text Structure Graphic Organizers

Most text that students read above grade 4 is nonfiction.  Nonfiction text is organized into text structures. What are text ...
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Informational Text Features

Informational text features are a great tool to help students focus on their reading. Most of the reading material in ...
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