Reading Strategies with a Laser-Focus

Reading strategies support comprehension in reading. They help scaffold the students' thinking, reading, note-taking skills, and writing. Reading Strategies for ...
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Literary Elements are the Structures to Fiction

Literary elements are the components of stories. Children have exposure to literary elements at a young age. What are literary ...
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Flexible Literature Circles can Empower Students

Literature Circles are a great way to have student led discussions. Students get a sense of responsibility, accountability, and cooperation ...
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Goal Setting Worksheets are like a Road Map

Goal setting worksheets guide students on their journey similar to how a map guides us when taking a road trip ...
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study habits

Study Habits for Successful Distant Learning

Study habits are more important than ever before. My own children will be learning remotely this fall. I organized a ...
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Bitmoji Classroom can be made with these 5 Steps

Summer of 2019, I made a bitmoji using my iPhone. It was fun and relaxing. I had flashbacks on taking ...
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Technology in Literacy is an Effective Assessment Tool

Technology in literacy is engaging for students. Are you looking for ways to use technology to help monitor students? There ...
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Book Report Templates for All Books

Book reports are written to explain the content of a book. Whether reporting on a fiction or nonfiction book, comprehension ...
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Prefix Worksheets can Strengthen Students’ Vocabulary

Prefix Worksheets have an important role in word study. Prefixes as we know are composed of two or more letters ...
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Character Analysis is a Central Part to Fiction

Character Analysis Worksheets help students take notes on how the characters feel and act. As you begin to read fictional ...
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Spelling Practice can be Fun

Spelling practice is an important component of any literacy program. I use word work as part of my middle school ...
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7 Strategies for Having Meaningful Academic Conversations

For many years, I asked comprehension questions from the text and called on students to answer. The problem with that ...
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How are Text Structures Organized in Nonfiction?

Writers organize nonfiction text into five text structures. They are description, sequence, compare and contrast, cause and effect, problem and ...
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Why are Text Features for Nonfiction Important?

Text features for nonfiction are a great tool to help students focus on their reading. Most of the reading material ...
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