Teaching reading comprehension can be rigorous but I’m here to share ideas to make it easier for you. I’m Kristy and over the past 20 years in the classroom, I have learned how to improve the students’ reading comprehension.

Reading Comprehension

There are three steps in the reading process. Before, during, and after reading activities help students stay focused while they read. Here at “Lively Literacy Rocks” I’m going to share tips and resources to help you with activities that support the reading process.


Blog Posts


Technology in Literacy is an Effective Assessment Tool

Technology in literacy is engaging for students. Are you looking for ways to use technology to help monitor students? There ...
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Simple Book Report Templates for All Books

Book report templates provide a format to write about the content of a book. Whether reporting on a fiction or ...
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Prefix Worksheets can Strengthen Students’ Vocabulary

Prefix Worksheets have an important role in word study. Prefixes as we know are composed of two or more letters ...
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5 Fun and Engaging Activities for Spelling Practice

Spelling practice is an important component of any literacy program. I use word work as part of my middle school ...
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7 Strategies for Having Meaningful Academic Conversations

For many years, I asked comprehension questions from the text and called on students to answer. The problem with that ...
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How are Text Structures Organized in Nonfiction?

Writers organize nonfiction text into five text structures. They are description, sequence, compare and contrast, cause and effect, problem and ...
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Why are Text Features for Nonfiction Important?

Text features for nonfiction are a great tool to help students focus on their reading. Most of the reading material ...
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