Bitmoji Classrooms: Tips and Tricks

Summer of 2019, I made a bitmoji using my iPhone. It was fun and relaxing. I had flashbacks on taking my daughter and son to “Build a Bear” while I was making my bitmoji. So many choices of outfits, hair color, accessories, etc. I was planning on using my bitmoji in the classroom. I thought it would be fun to have the bitmoji up on the google slide by the learning targets as students enter the room. Fast forward to spring of 2020 and I was using the bitmoji to create a virtual classroom.

What are some benefits of having a Bitmoji classroom?

  1. It is welcoming and visually appealing. It has bookshelves, books, whiteboard, walls, floor, posters, videos, assignments, supplies, and so much more.
  2. The students have a routine of checking the agenda. One of the first things students want to know is, “What are we doing today?” The virtual classroom gives the visual learners a place to look to see the learning targets. (Students will probably overlook the learning targets in the google classroom post.)
  3. The bitmoji classroom can be interactive. You can post a video and have students click on it to watch. Students can click on an object to open up their assignment. (I used a clipboard to link to the google form assignment. Students can click on a book to access the text to read.) Of course, I posted videos of how to use the bitmoji classroom before implementing it.

How do you make a bitmoji?

1. You will need to get the free bitmoji app. (available through apple store or google play) After installing the app, you can start selecting different features for the bitmoji. You will see a bar at the bottom of your screen to scroll through. The selections are skin tone, hair color, hairstyle, hair treatment, eye shape, eyelashes, eye size, eye spacing, eye color, eyebrows, eyebrow color, nose, glasses…… and it goes on. The last selection is clothing and accessories. If you wish to skip glasses or any of the accessories, there is a symbol for you to select. (See image below) When you are done creating your bitmoji, you will need to save. This process takes between 5-10 minutes depending on how quick you are to make decisions.

Making the Bitmoji Virtual Classroom

2. Install the bimoji chrome extension on your laptop or computer. Log on and be sure to pin the extension so it is easy to find when you need it. When you click on the icon, it will show your bitmojis.

3. Open up Google slides to create the virtual learning environment. Use the blank layout. Then, search and select the wall and floor background of your choice using Google search.

4. Add accessories to your virtual learning environment. Make sure that the objects are transparent. Use the word “transparent” in your search. (See example below.) Don’t forget to add your bitmoji.

5. Think about what objects you want to link to student assignments and videos. It is important to have these objects in your virtual classroom the first week. This will help students become familiar with the virtual learning environment.

My bitmoji became my BFF in spring of 2020. I can’t imagine teaching without it. For decorative ideas, click here.

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